The building of the Class A ZEISS OFFICES will be officially opened in a few months, but in the meantime the group of its tenants is becoming increasingly diverse - technology leader in electrification and automation, ABB, has chosen ZEISS OFFICES as their new home.

 ABB started its operations in Latvia in 1992, and the company offers equipment and systems for various industries, including industrial automation and power distribution and management. “We work to ensure a more sustainable and efficient future. When choosing the premises, it was essential for us that the environment in which we work and create solutions reflects the company's image,” says Agris Veliks, Electrification Business Manager at ABB.“Nowadays, the office must become more than just a workplace - it must become a place where people want to stay, socialize, be motivated, and work creatively. We are confident that the ZEISS OFFICEs project will meet our requirements,” he says.

"We are always happy for each tenant who chooses to trust us and chooses ZEISS OFFICES and the MŪKU SALA neighbourhood as the new home for their company. There are still a few months left until the opening of ZEISS OFFICES, but already approximately 85% of the total premises of this building have been reserved by various companies, and we are genuinely delighted about this influx of new tenants," says Iveta Bahmane, Chairwoman of the Board of Mūkusala Business Centre..

ZEISS OFFICES will be a six-storey building with a total leasable area of 4,300 m2. The building is certified in accordance with the requirements of the BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate and the project includes Class A energy-efficient air cooling, ventilation, and heating systems. The building of ZEISS OFFICES is named in honour of the Karl Zeiss optics factory, which was located in the same place at the beginning of the 20th century - references to the former building will also be found in the façade design of the new building. Currently, it is planned that the building will welcome its tenants in the summer of 2023.

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