Our mission is to create an environment where it is pleasant to spend not only working hours, but also your free time. We create a place where the community matters - by working alongside our industry leaders, we can turn to each other for help at any time, like a neighbor to a neighbor.


  • City centre just minutes away!
  • Bus station, port, airport, railway station - all within a maximum of 15 minutes’ drive
  • Part of the Knowledge Mile of Riga
  • Public transport routes just minutes away!
  • Picturesque view of Daugava and its promenade

Modern technologies, class A sustainability

  • Anti-reflective external coating
  • Stormwater absorptive roofing material
  • Internal blinds on the southern façade
  • Individually adjustable underfloor ventilation and cooling system
  • CO2-controlled ventilation system in the meeting rooms
  • Soundproof glass partitions
  • Water taps with the consumption of less than 3l per minute
  • Spacious, energy-efficient lifts operated by regenerative drive

An iconic building rooted in history

  • BREAM certificate “EXCELLENT” - low energy consumption, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials
  • Architectural solutions that combine history and modern technology developed by award-winning architects
  • The legacy of the famous Carl Zeiss optics factory as a source of inspiration
  • Central atrium with the height of 2 storeys
  • Conference facilities for 80 people
  • Spacious roof terrace overlooking the Daugava River
  • Industry leaders as neighbours - Tele2, Delfi, Bolt Services, Unified Post, Helmes Latvia, etc.


Everything you could need for a dynamic life is located right next to the ZEISS OFFICES, and the range of available services is constantly being expanded.

  • Cafes and lunch restaurants
  • Modern sports club
  • Grocery store and pharmacy
  • Ample multi-storey car park
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Availability of carsharing and electric scooters

Premium class support for customers

  • A manager with over 20 years of experience
  • Well-thought-out and high-quality technical service
  • Personalized approach to office design
  • Centralized lobby
  • Extra space for a variety of situations
  • Low management costs
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