Although the construction of the iconic building of ZEISS OFFICES is planned to be finished by the end of this year, GIVEN Latvia has already chosen this upcoming Class A office building as its new home, joining other market leaders who are currently residing in MŪKU SALA.

GIVEN Latvia is the largest chain of jewellery stores in the Baltics with 54 stores, the widest selection, unique collections of jewellery brands and excellent customer service. The role of GIVEN is to make jewellery accessible to everyone, because in the centre of this brand is joy - the joy of affording, the joy of decorating oneself and gifting jewellery to others, while experiencing the ease of these things.

“Thanks to the rapid growth of the GIVEN retail network and ambitious goals for the future, we have been looking for new, larger premises for some time. We looked at different options, but none of them could compete with the offer, understanding and hospitality of ZEISS OFFICES. We received the best interior design solution that meets our relatively complex needs and requirements. And, of course, the historical aura of the offices and the stunning view of the Daugava are a very pleasant added value to the work environment,” Ģirts Rudzītis, a member of the board of GIVEN Latvia, when detailing the choice of the new office.

“We are very pleased that such a recognizable and beloved company as GIVEN Latvia has chosen ZEISS OFFICES as its new home, thus making the range of companies residing in MŪKU SALA even more diverse, as it is the first company of this type in this area. I am convinced that GIVEN Latvia will be an invaluable part of our active MŪKU SALA community,” says says Iveta Bahmane, Chairwoman of the Board of Mūkusala Business Centre.

ZEISS OFFICES will be a six-storey building with a total leasable area of 4,300 m2. The building is certified in accordance with the requirements of the BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate and the project includes Class A energy-efficient air cooling, ventilation, and heating systems. The building of ZEISS OFFICES is named in honour of the Karl Zeiss optics factory, which was located in the same place at the beginning of the 20th century - references to the former building will also be found in the façade design of the new building.

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